Caffrey International Vehicles and Drivers are equipped and trained to transport ADR (Dangerous Goods) Cargo throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

The transport of Dangerous Goods requires specialised equipment within the vehicle and additional qualifications by the driver and carrier.

Caffrey International also have an internal DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor) based in the office to ensure that all hazardous cargo is transported in a safe and secure manner.

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AOG – Aircraft on Ground Ireland, UK and Europe servcies provided by Caffrey International.

TAPA TSR1 Accredited

TSR (Trucking Security Requirements) has been established by TAPA’s security professionals within the theft sensitive industry to address the nature by which theft sensitive products are transported over road. The TSR specifies the minimum acceptable security standard and the methods to be used in maintaining those standards. It outlines the processes and specifications for Service Providers to attain TAPA certification for their truck operations. It is the intention of TAPA members to select Service Providers which meet or exceed TAPA certification requirements.

ISO9001:2008 Certified

Controlled Procedures & Documentation.

Quality Management System & Security Management System.

AEO Accredited

Recognised Internationally as a Trusted Trader. Caffrey International have effectively demonstrated that our customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant and that our role within the international supply chain is secure.

FTA Ireland Accredited

FTA Accreditation ensures that there are systems in place to manage the following:

Driver competence
Road traffic rules
Safe and legal loads
Road Haulage Operator Licence
Professional competence
Good repute
Sustainable operations
Contractor and support services management

GDP Passport

The Good Distribution Practice Passport plays a key role in assuring quality of the supply chain and distribution of pharmaceutical and medical devices products. The Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Passport by the Irish Exporters Association is the first of its kind and ensures compliance and safety throughout the whole supply chain. Manufacturers can then ensure that pharmaceutical and medical devices products are transported, stored and handled according to the GMP and GDP regulations and guidelines by dealing with GDP Passport holders.

Caffrey International provide many different types of road transport which include: Ambient Loads, Temperature Controlled Loads, Airfreight, Chilled Groupage, Refrigerated Transport, FMCG, Ambient Cargo, Hazardous(ADR). Read more about our road transport capabilities in our SERVICES page.

complete range of road transport services throughout Europe.

full load and groupage service

both ambient and temperature controlled freight

We specialise in the following sectors:

Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, Healthcare Logistics, Air-freight, Agri-food, Perishables/Refrigerated, Computers/Electronics, Retail, Fast Moving Consumer Goods(FMCG), Hazardous Freight(ADR)

As part of our supply chain offering, Caffrey International provide warehousing, cross docking and storage for both ambient and temperature controlled goods. The facility at Ashbourne is ideally located, close to Dublin city, to Dublin Airport and to the M50 Dublin ring road, and is linked to the Motorway system with connections to the main commercial centres of Belfast, Cork, Limerick and Galway. The site is in a secure location with CCTV coverage. The ambient facility has more than 40,000 sq feet of storage. The chill facility is 15,000 sq feet, and operates at 2 degrees centigrade. Read more about our Warehousing capabilities

We make use of the leading tracking technology in the industry and can not only see exactly where all of our trucks are at any given time, we can also monitor the fuel-consumption of our vehicles. This allows us to deliver a comprehensive and eco-friendly service to our customers as we deliver their important cargo throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is a quality system that ensures the proper distribution of medicinal products for human use. GDP regulates the movement of pharmaceutical products from the premises of the manufacturer right through to the end user. The GDP system should be used throughout the logistics process including transport storage and handling. Caffrey Drivers and Staff are GDP Trained and experienced in the process. Read more about our Pharmaceutical Capabilities

Pharmaceutical and Life Science companies have complete confidence in Caffrey International service delivery because:

we specialise in this sector
your cargo is under our direct control
Caffrey International operate with a team of directly employed and fully trained drivers
Our drivers are fully qualified in GDP (Good Distribution Practice)
Our transport fleet has multi-temperature capability
Your cargo is monitored by sophisticated tracking and temperature control systems

Caffrey International have made a significant investment in Rollerbed equipment, designed specifically for the carriage of airfreight
This specialised rollerbed fleet includes both ambient and temperature controlled airfreight units

Sophisticated Technology includes full tracking of trucks and cargo – with direct real time links, giving customers total confidence in the security of their cargo.

As part of security control, drivers are directly employed by Caffrey International and fully trained with Aviation Security qualifications

Caffrey International provide daily trunks linking Shannon and Dublin airports to Heathrow, Gatwick, Schiphol, Frankfurt, Paris.

Caffrey International have an extensive fleet of refrigerated trailers, including multi-temperature trailers

Refrigerated units have temperature control monitor and recording

Direct access to temperature records gives our customers total confidence in the integrity of their cargo

Our drivers are fully trained and have a wealth of experience in the carriage of perishable cargo

We provide daily overnight trunks from the UK to Supermarket RDC’s in Ireland

We provide daily collections in the UK with next day delivery throughout Ireland

We provide chilled groupage (pallet) services between Ireland / UK to the Benelux for onward distribution throughout Europe

We cater for all consignment sizes and provide consolidation services

Temp Controlled Product:
Food & Drink
Fruit & Vegetables
Flowers & Plants

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

FMCG mainly consists of products with a short shelf life which include dairy products, bread, fruit, vegetables, meat etc. Caffrey international transport all types of FMCG and are consistently reliable and dependable with booking in times and collection arrival times

Agri-Food is all types of food that is produced agriculturally. Agri-Food types include: Beef, Chicken, Vegetables, Fruit, Milk, Fruit Juices, Jam, Sauces etc.

Caffrey International offer Freight Transport Services to/from the following European countries:

Czech Republic

We also provide a daily groupage service between Ireland, the UK and Benelux.

Vehicles are also available in Austria, Romania and Hungary frequently.

Along with our transport services we can offer customs clearance for your goods and provide Transit documents where required.

Contact our Customs Team for more information.

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